As part of the training curriculum, trainees will learn how to install and maintain doors and windows, as well as gain knowledge on safety issues. Lesson syllabus include the installation and maintenance of the Casement Window, Sliding Top-Hung Window, and Adjustable Louvre Window, in addition to the Sliding Door and Single Lead Swing Door.

Categorised into five test levels, it starts out at the Tradesman stage, before advancing to the Trade Foreman, level upgrade, and Sec (K) phases, before reaching the final 2nd Sec K round. Upon completion of the course, there is also the option to progress to further education and training, where topics like Reinforced Concrete Works, Doors and Window Installation, Structural Steel Works, and Plumbing and Steel Works are covered.

Course Features


Door and window installation


5 Days

No. of Test


Training Fees


SA/SE Fees


Total Course Fees


Overview of BCA’s test syllabus

1 hour Written Test: 25 Multiple Choice Questions

  • – General knowledge on doors, windows and safety 4 hours Practical Test
  • – Casement window
  • – Sliding top-hung window
  • – Sliding door
  • – Adjustable louvre window
  • – Single lead swing door, lockset installation

Preparation for Written Test

  • – Training materials and sample written test papers following the BCA Syllabus will be provided.

Preparation for Practical Test

  • – Understanding the BCA assessment criteria.
  • – Understanding the correct sequence and methods of installation.
  • – Intensive training on actual test bay in accordance to BCA’s test project.

The training and materials we provide will ensure you are well-prepared for the test! Our training has been tested and proven to obtain high passing rates.

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